"As a teacher, Jason was always an encourager and someone who challenged me to be the best I could be. His attention to details, style, and theory was always enlightening and helpful."

- Dean Rodenroth

"Jason is a true master guitar player, but his greatest strength comes as a teacher. Jason is by far the best guitar teacher I have ever had. He is very devoted in teaching the Flamenco technique. He is able to break down a falseta in small pieces, counting the complex rhythmic patterns for you. Thanks Jason for your devotion to Flamenco and for your efforts in perpetuating this beautiful Gypsy tradition."

- German Arciniegas

"Over the years I've had the privilege to meet and work with a number of world-class jazz and classical musicians, and without a doubt Jason McGuire is among the elite. As a performer, his passion for his music is eloquently matched by exquisite technique, creating an excitement that elevates his audiences to new levels of appreciation. As a teacher he brings the skill and patience to nurture a novice, while offering the professional quality insights that will raise their own level of skill and performance."

- Jeff Finder

"I've been a student of Jason's for over a year now, and I'm still constantly impressed at his commitment to teaching flamenco. He is every bit as eager to teach as his students are to learn. When I come across something I struggle with, Jason keeps finding different approaches to the material until I understand it. After a year of studying with him, I'm able to do things on a guitar that I never thought were possible for me. Every lesson I've taken with Jason is filled with his endless patience and his great sense of humor."

- Robert Thomas

"I have been studying the art of flamenco with Jason McGuire, ?El Rubio? for the past seven years. I consider him to be the finest teacher I have ever had. I found that he not only has profound knowledge of flamenco guitar as a solo instrument but is equally knowledgeable in flamenco guitar accompaniment for the cante and baile flamenco.

Because Jason is an exquisitely educated musician, with thorough knowledge of classical and jazz harmony, he is able to clearly and concisely transmit his knowledge to me, the student, in such a way as to allow and assist me to develop my own style of solo playing and accompaniment for the singer and dancer. Jason has also been teaching me the art of flamenco cante to the extent that I now sing and accompany myself at the same time.

I would also like to say that apart from being my teacher, I consider him to be my favorite guitarist and the musician whom I most admire."

- Stephen Bell

Free Flamenco Guitar Lessons

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Beginner - Seguiriyas - Single Compas
A very basic single compas for Seguiriyas. Enjoy!

Intermediate - Solea por Bulerias-Cante 1
A very good lesson on Solea por Bulerias Cante accompaniment. This one is not too hard. Even beginners can get this on with some effort. Solea por Bulerias is a great "palo" and this along with the fasletas and compas we have for you here will help give you a well rounded feel for this very important song form.

Expert - Bulerias - Alzapua
Learning to do double time alzapua in the rhythm of bulerias is one way to really hone the technique. I encourage every student to try this falseta and keep it as an exercise practiced at slower tempos. If you include this in a daily practice regimen, one day you will be able to play it at tempo or even faster if necessary. Enjoy!

* * *

Welcome to my sample area where you can view several free flamenco guitar lessons. All flamenco guitar lessons are in Quicktime format for the highest possible quality. Here's what you get:

  1. Multiple Views - Most flamenco guitar lessons have multiple views. The newer classes combine the different views into one larger window. Older classes have them in separate videos. The different components can consist of:

    • a normal tempo lesson view
    • a slow tempo lesson view
    • a right hand lesson view
    • a left hand lesson view
    • a counted out lesson version (my private students appreciate this
      because they learn exactly where the notes belong in rhythm)
    • a commentary view where I offer some important thoughts and tips on the lesson material

    This variety of views for each lesson enable you to get the perspective you need, when you need it.

  2. On-Screen Score/Tab - While watching each flamenco guitar lesson, you can see the lesson material written out in standard notation and tablature. It's presented in an interactive score that will playback a midi sound file. This allows you to control the tempo. Simply slide the bar to the tempo that is right for you. This combination of elements makes learning flamenco guitar easier.

  3. Different Class Levels - There are many different levels of flamenco guitar classes represented here at Flamenco-Lessons.com. From Beginning to Advanced and everything in between, I am positive you will find something challenging and inspiring to enhance you current level of playing. In teaching flamenco guitar lessons for over 20 years in that time I have developed a very intuitive approach. Sign up for the 3 day trial period and I am sure you will find the lessons informative and entertaining.

  4. Varied Materials - My goal is to create a library of online classes that can expose and teach players the various song forms in flamenco's diverse repertory from Alegrias to Zapateado. The website and methodology contained in Flamenco-Lessons.com is constructed for everyone from professionals to students who want comprehensive instruction, at their individual pace, over a period of time convenient to them. The entire library will be available to subscribers any time of the day or night. This convenience and the low subscription price make this a must for the aficionado of flamenco. Just log on and learn. The library will include lessons on cante and dance accompaniment with professional dancers, for beginner to advanced players. The goal is to continue building the lesson library each month. Your subscription allows you to access these new lessons, or you can continue working on your existing ones.

  5. Discussion Forum - Included with your subscription will be access to our flamenco discussion board/forum. Here you can interact with other flamenco guitar students, post links to your YouTube.com videos and get feedback on your progress from myself or other members. We are trying to create a community here where players and students can learn at their individual pace, grow their confidence and appreciation for a world-class art form, and simply have fun! Come and join us, grow with us and experience the passion of flamenco directly for yourself.
Please enjoy these free flamenco guitar lessons. Three of the many views available in our student section are showcased here. Play each one to see how easy is it to learn flamenco guitar with me!

If you have any questions about how things work around here, or Flamenco guitar in general, please visit my FAQ.

Come and join us, grow with us and experience the passion of flamenco directly for yourself. Sign-up now! Your future as a better flamenco guitarist awaits you!