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Q:What would be your recommended lesson sequence for beginners? What exercises to start and what style to start with.
A: I would start with the technique section and learn all the rasgueado types. I would start practicing the thumb excercises and then the C major scale for picado. From there I would start with the tangos single compas and reapat it a million times (give or take a few). Alegrias singles compas might be good next and then Solea por Bulerias single compas, Solea Single Compas, and finally the Bulerias single compas. Keep practicing one while you learn the next. I personally feel it is much better to get a solid foundation together instead of learning entire pieces of music. You will have plenty of time for that soon, learning in the order I suggested will give you a broader understanding and will progressively develope your technique. I haven't posted yet my arpeggio excercise yet but, I will be adding it very soon and I would add this to the technique practice.

Flamenco guitar can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but you will soon become accustomed to the discipline.
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