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Q:Which classes do I start with? Is there a recommended syllabus?
A:Technique is essential in the beginning. I think for you I would learn the single compas for Tangos . Get a few of the excercises going. Learn the single compas for Solea, then the compas set for Solea. I have had beginning students learn the "Solea Falseta 1" after only 1 lessons. They couldn't play it perfectly, but good enough to practice and develop. When beginning student learn something challenging like this falseta they get very inspired and things progress quicker, because the student is enjoying the music that is challenging them. Listen to great flamenco and listen to yourself when you play. Start trying to make your playing sound like what you hear on the recordings you have.
It will take time, but with discipline, creative thinking and patience you will learn all you desire to know.
We will do our best to help you in your learning!

A former student adds this......

Most people learning flamenco start out with one 4-count style and one 12-count style. Typically, that is tangos and solea. Make them your "friends." If you are just starting, I would recommend just to focus on playing those 2 styles for 2-3 months along with technique building and lots of listening. Practice those 2 styles, but in the meantime, listen to everything and try to compare/contrast the other styles with your "friends." For example, you'll quickly see that other 12-count styles (alegrias, bulerias) use a rimate on beat 10 the same as your solea. You'll notice that, in contrast to tangos, where emphasis is often shifted off of beat 1, some variations in other styles (namely farruca) may sometimes emphasize beat 1. You'll notice that other styles use similar harmony to tangos (por medio) and solea (por arriba) but different aire and rhythm. You may notice that some styles may be harmonically-different and completely rhythmically-different, and yet capture the same aire; for example some tientos and siguiryas. So I recommend training your ears first before you tackle more complex styles like bulerias.
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