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Q:Did you study in Spain?
A:No. I studied with people from Spain and elsewhere. My flamenco teachers were first Miguel Antonio from Texas, Roberto Castellon Jr. from New York, Pedro Cortes a gypsy living in New York who studied regularly with Sabicas and Carlos Heredia a gypsy from Sevilla with whom I played cajon on the CD "Gypsy Flamenco". My classical teacher was Enric Madriguera who was the nephew of one of Andres Segovia's wives Pepita. My jazz teachers were Chuck Pangburn and Bart Marantz. I went to high school with jazz trumpet legend Roy Hargrove and everday being around him was a lesson. To these people I offer my deepest gratitude and hope that I have represented the knowledge that they have passed on to me in a way that meets the high standards that inspired my discipline.
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